"During the whole of the opening section, Andy Pink's score fills the stage with waves of clashing, grinding noise. The sound is a deliberate assault on the dancers, who appear to be flung around by its force - catapulted into flailing, staggered lines, or dashed, twisting, to the floor. For the audience, seated on all four sides of the stage, the combination of driven energy and savage pattern making is overwhelming; it comes as a relief when Pink's music .. begins to calm the frenzy." Judith Mackrell The Guardian

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Andy Pink particularly enjoys blurring the relationship between sound, music and movement. Raw sound is the seed for all of his musical compositions, as in the score for 'Bird Song' (2002) for Siobhan Davies Dance. 'Bird Song' fundamentally questioned how dancers hear. It went on to become part of Tate Modern's '40 Artists 40 Days' Olympic bid and the piece is on the national curriculum for dance.

Andy's career began at the Royal Court Theatre in 80’s London, working with directors Max-Stafford Clarke and Danny Boyle. Subsequently his broad range of assignments included work with Lumiere & Son, Station House Opera, English National Opera and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

His many collaborations include 'Come Been and Gone' for Michael Clark, 'Ringside' for Mem Morrison and 'The Big Melt' for Jarvis Cocker.

Recent composition projects include 'SALT', an installation in a disused salt factory for the 2008 Ruhr Triennale, 'Journeys of Love and More Love' for Moti Roti Company which played at Melbourne Festival and Singapore National Museum, 'Deep End' for Gerry Pilgrim, 'You May' for Zoi Dimitrou and music for 'Grass Blades' for choreographer Lisa May Thomas.

'Border Tales' is Andy's latest major collaboration with Luca Silvestrini's Protein Dance, after having previously written music for two of the company's productions 'LOL (lots of love)' in 2010 and 'Crossroads' in 2011.

Andy received his BMus from The University of London and a diploma in Theatre Studies from Mountview Theatre School.
Past Works
'Bird Song' from Siobhan Davies Dance is now on the national curriculum having been chosen as one of the set pieces to sudy for GCSE dance. The DVD of Bird Song is always available along with various other resources for teachers. There is an excellent overview of the piece, which was made in 2003 here and an online archive here.

In 2012 'LOL (Lot's of Love)' played in Colombia, India and Thailand in November and December ( review in Thailand's 'The Nation' )
Zoi Dimitrou's 'You May' premiered in Athens in 2012 before a short tour of the UK.

Protein Dance have won Best Independent Company at the 12th National Dance Awards. In 2012' LOL(Lots of Love)' visited the Middle East, visiting Beirut, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Palestine. The show then went to the Teatro a Corte in Turin in July and to Fronta Festival in Slovenia in August.

Moti Roti's 'Journeys of Love' played at The Melbourne Festival and then The National Museum in Singapore in October 2011

The CD release of 'LOL (Lots of Love)' is a unique collection of tracks from the show but with new material collected during the research phase of LOL by Luca Silvestrini. Luca collected recordings of interviews with people about how electronic communication had impacted on their lives. But he also asked for anecdotes and stories. This material is now mixed in with the original music to create this CD release.

The score for ‘Ringside' by Mem Morrison required the audience to wear headphones throughout the performance for a fully immersive 3D audio experience. The piece explored Mem's experiences of Turkish Cypriot weddings. There are audio clips on my Music and Sound page.

Ringside sold out at the Edinburgh festival (where it received 5 star reviews) and went on to tour Asia and Australia in 2010.
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Escapade at The Royal Festival Hall in 2004. Sound design and Bollywood remix by Andy Pink